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Download HP Smart App for PC – Windows Version

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For how long are we going to have to connect our computers to the printers to get the printing done? It comes with a lot of hassle and a lot of wires. Also, it does not allow us to be flexible in working. It binds us to a place and reduces our productivity.

It is the age of printing wirelessly, where we can print from anywhere we are, using our local area connection to which both the printer and our devices are connected so that we can give it the instructions to print, fax, or anything else.

For our devices to be able to give such instructions, we need apps that are compatible and can do the work. One such app is the HP smart app, which is compatible with the HP printers and can have several works like print, fax, scan, or even shares files, done in a span of minutes. 

You can be anywhere, you just need to add the printer as a device in the app and you are good to go. It will perform multiple tasks for you without any human interference, and make the work a lot easier.

So if you have an HP printer and are looking for ways to minimize the task, you should download the HP smart app.

While the app is easily available for android and iOS devices, people who are looking to download it on their computer, we have listed two methods for you, by which you can download the HP smart app for PC.

Download HP Smart App for PC using BlueStacks

To install the HP Smart App on PC, you first need to download an emulator such as BlueStacks to replicate the UI of a smartphone on your computer screen. To download BlueStacks, visit its official website and download it from the link given.

Step 1: On the home screen, after the emulator is downloaded, look for Google PlayStore.

Step 2: Search for the HP smart app in the search bar and install it.

Step 3: Once it is installed, you can open it and enjoy the perks.

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Download HP Smart App Windows Version using NoxPlayer

Another such emulator is the NoxPlayer. To install, go to its official website and download it using the link given.

Step 1: Once it is installed, you can open Google PlayStore from the home screen.

Step 2: Look for HP Smart App and install it using the button next to it.

Step 3: After it is installed, you can open it and start using it.

Well, here is a shortlist of features for you to begin with.

Features of HP Smart App

1. User Interface

It has a very smooth user interface and a simplistic way of achieving each task like printing, faxing, scanning, or even sharing files. Even people who are new to the idea of wireless printing can do so effortlessly because of this app’s very simple user interface and because of how easy it is to set it up.

2. Order Supplies

Yes, you read it right. You can even order supplies like printables or vinyl stickers of your choice from within the app.

3. Edit Pictures and Docs

You can also make edits to the pictures or documents you wish to print. And no, by editing we do not just mean restructuring the size and layout. You can actually add filters, change the saturation levels, play with the contrast and brightness, adding text and so much more.

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Alternatives to HP Smart App for Windows

There are some apps that are similar to the HP Smart App for PC and which you might want to use instead of it. Here is a list of alternatives that we suggest.

1. Canon Print Service App

This is an app that is similar to the HP smart app but is compatible with Canon printers. It connects your device to the printers available in the same wifi or local network so that you can print effortlessly. An added perk is it is free of cost.

2. Epson iPrint App

It is another similar app that works for Apple devices. It is also free of cost, given the fact that most of such apps in the app store are paid, it has the added advantage. It helps you print, scan, fax, and even tells you your printer status.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the HP smart app do?

The HP smart app basically lets you do the work on the likes of printing, scanning, etc. from anywhere, that is even when you are not near to the printer or are not connected to it through a wire.

Can I use the HP Smart app on Windows without an account?

No. You cannot use the HP smart app on Windows without an account. You either have to log in or sign up in order to proceed. The process is very simple and will only take 2-3 minutes of your time.

Is the HP Smart App for PC safe to download?

Yes, the HP smart app is very safe for any Windows computer. All your data is secured and is stored in an encrypted form in the HP servers, so you need not worry about safety.

How do I connect my HP printer to the HP smart app?

To connect your HP printer to the HP smart app, install and sign up in the app. Make sure the Bluetooth settings are on. This will help you find the printer inside the app, after which you just have to add and configure it. If your printer does not show up, reset the network settings and try again.


In this article, we have mentioned how you can download the HP smart app for windows. It is a great app to use if you want to print or scan even if you are not in the same room as the printer.

We have also listed a few alternatives to help you get better reach. Lastly, we have answered some of the questions that might arise in your mind once you have gone through the article. Hope it helps!