Download Puffin Web Browser For Windows PC/Laptop

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Puffin is a widely used web browser that delivers fast and secure website streaming options to its users. If you are looking for a way to download the Puffin Web browser on your Windows computer then stick around till the end. 

This guide is about how to download the Puffin Web browser on a Windows computer. 

Here’s a bit more about the Puffin web browser. 

What Is Puffin Web Browser And Its Features?

Puffin Web browser was developed by Cloud Mosa, an America-based technological company, and released in 2010 for the public. Since then it has become a choice of more than 100 million users all over the world. 

Puffin helps users browse the website at a fast speed and also makes sure that the data consumption is reduced. 

Features Of Puffin Web Browser For Its Users

Puffin has gained popularity because it works differently than other browsers. Here are some of the features that make it different. 

  • It can deliver fast speed because it uses cloud processing technology. 
  • It has an amazing theatre mode that lets you experience theatre on your computer if you are watching a movie. 
  • It is an efficient web browser that makes sure that your data is not wasted. It consumes 80 to 90% fewer data than that of other browsers. 

So these were some of the best features of the Puffin web browser. Now let’s move on to downloading it on a computer. 

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How To Download Puffin Web Browser On Windows PC? 

As there is no official way of downloading the Puffin web browser on a computer it cannot be downloaded directly. 

However, there’s a method using which you can easily download and use on your computer. 

This method involves using an emulator. We will be using the BlueStacks emulator to download Puffin on a Windows computer. 

Step 1: For that please ensure that you have the latest version of the BlueStacks emulator installed on your computer. 

Step 2: If not, make sure to download it only from the official website of BlueStacks. After that, you should log in with your Google account. 

Step 3: After going through these steps, BlueStacks will start working on your computer. 

Step 4: Now go to My Apps and then the search bar and type “Puffin Browser” a list of results will open up on the next screen. 

Step 5: Click on the install button to start the download process. After it is finished you can start using Puffin on your computer. 

Don’t uninstall the BlueStacks emulator if you want to continue using the Puffin web browser on your computer because the only way to use the Puffin is through BlueStacks. 


So this is how you download the Puffin web browser on your Windows computer. 

If you have followed the steps correctly you would have downloaded the Puffin browser and are already exploring its features. 

If you have got any questions please use the comments section to put your questions to us. We try to respond to them within a few days. 

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