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Download Gacha Club PC Version – Gacha Club for PC

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A fun role-playing game is a great way to pass the time during times like these. It never fails to lift your mood. There is a lot of such simulation-based games that test your survival skills. Moreover, they are great fun to play.

One such game is the Gacha Club. Released in the month of June 2020 by the developer Lunime, this game has garnered a lot of attention all over the world. Mostly because its creator is a well-known YouTuber renowned for his animation, music videos, game designing tutorials, and a lot more. 

He created the Gacha World wherein there are games such as Gacha Life and Gacha Club.

Gacha Club PC version is a role-playing game, in which you can customize characters, play mini-games to earn coins, and have battles.

The best part about this game is its attention to detail. To optimize the characters in this game, you can change their outfits, appearances like facial structure and hairstyles, weapons, accessories, and a lot more. Moreover, you can also take snapshots of the avatar that you have created.

You can play mini-games to earn coins that you can spend in “Gacha Pulls” to unlock pets and battle units. The battle mode allows you to move forward in the game and has a storyline to it.

A detailed list of features of this game is given below. In this article, you will also get to know about two download methods through which you can get Gacha Club on PC.

Download Gacha Club for PC using BlueStacks

To get Gacha Club on pc, you will first need to download an emulator. As this game is meant for smartphones, you need software that can create a user interface of a smartphone on your pc. An emulator does exactly that. 

Step 1: To download the BlueStacks emulator, visit its official website

Step 2: Download the emulator from the link given there.

Step 3: Once the emulator is installed, visit the home screen and look for Google PlayStore.

Step 4: Login or signup into Google PlayStore and search “Gacha Club”.

Step 5: Click on “install” to get the game on your PC.

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Gacha Club Download PC Version using MEmu

One of the best android emulators for pc is Memu. You can get Gacha Club on pc using this emulator as well. To install the game using MEmu, follow these steps:

Step 1: The first step will be to download the emulator. For that visit its official website and download it from the link given there.

Step 2: After the installation of the emulator is complete, go to Google PlayStore.

Step 3: Search for “Gacha Club” in Google PlayStore.

Step 4: Download the app to start playing one of the best role-playing games.

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Alternatives to Gacha Club for PC

1. Cartoon Craft

It is one of the best single-player strategy games that take place in a rustic world, where you control your units and fight against other factions where the winner will be able to control the world. It has a very fun animation and also has great features such as resource management, battles, constructing units, etc.

2. Pocket Chibi

This game is also by Lunime which asks you to dress up the characters. This dress-up game never lets you get bored as the task assigned is different with each character. To go up in the levels, you must finish the given task. There are a plethora of characters in this game just like the Gacha Club, and it allows you to bring out your inner designer.

3. GachaVerse

This is another single-player role-playing game by Lunime which allows you to be both a warrior and a fashion designer. You get to dress up your characters in the most unique styles and you also get to be a warrior, raising your clan in the Gacha universe.

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Features of Gatcha Club for pc

1. Interactions

One of the most loved features of this game is its interactive nature. It is super fun to interact with the characters as well as the pets to live the storyline. What’s more, is that the fun interactions increase your intuitiveness. 

2. Character Customisation

A lot of players have mentioned that character customization has never been this good in any of the simulation games before. The optimization is intricate and allows you to customize each and every aspect of your characters. You can change their outfits, hairstyles, skin color, facial structures. You can also accessorize them with wristbands, headbands, hats, weapons, pets, and a lot more.

3. Battle Mode

Unlike many other role-playing games which are limited to character optimization and follow a storyline, the Gacha Club game PC version has taken a step further. It includes battle mode, where you can battle with your units that you can buy using the in-game coins you earn playing mini-games. The mini-games are fun, short games like memory match games or dancing games.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gacha Club a game for kids?

Gacha Club can be played by anyone above the age of 10. This means very young kids shouldn’t play Gacha Club for pc.

Can I play Gacha Club PC version offline?

Yes. you can play Gacha Club offline on your PC. That means there is no internet connection required to play the game, but you will need either WiFi or a local network to download the game on your device.

Is Gacha Club for PC free?

Yes, Gacha Club for PC is free. You do not have to pay anything to download the game. Moreover, there are also no in-app purchases.


The Gacha Club is an amazing game to pass the time when you are getting bored. The app is easy to download and the game is fun to play. For people looking for its desktop version, we have mentioned two ways with which you can get the Gacha Club game pc version.

We have also listed a few alternatives which you must try. Lastly, we have taken care of your curiosity and answered some related FAQs. We hope this article helps and you enjoy the game!