How To Download Pokemon White ROM?

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Pokemon White ROM is another popular game of the Pokemon series. It was developed by Game Freak and launched in 2010.

What if I tell you that you can download Pokemon White ROM? Don’t believe me?

Keep reading this post.

As I have already told you that Pokemon White is a greatly appreciated game especially by Nintendo DS users. But what makes it so interesting?

It has gained popularity because of its unique features. Below is a list of features that Pokemon White users love about it.

Features Of Pokemon White ROM

1. The game has an interesting story

It begins in the town of Nuvema. You are given 3 Pokemons to start your journey along with Dr. Juniper, Bianca, and Cheten. From there, you go on an adventure to become a champion trainer. In the journey, you will have to rescue Pokemons and other trainers.

2. New Regions With New Conquests

It has different regions where you can explore whole new challenges and opportunities to earn new Pokemons with more powers.

3. Legendary Pokemons

From time to time, you will get a chance to catch legendary Pokemons like fire-type Reshiram and ice-type Zekrom.

So how to download Pokemon White ROM on your computer? By following these steps below.

How To Download Pokemon White ROM?

Step 1 – Downloading Pokemon White ROM

1. Download the APK file from the official source.

2. After the download process is complete, extract the files using WinRar.

3. Open the folder from the downloads and search the PokemonWhite.exe file.

4. After you have located the file, run it as administrator.

5. Complete the setup process by following the instructions as told by the computer.

6. After it is finished, the Pokemon White will automatically start downloading.

7. You have downloaded the app on your computer successfully. To start playing the game, double-click on the downloaded file.

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Step 2 – Downloading An Emulator

To run the application offline on your computer you will need an emulator.

An emulator is a software that is used by gamers to mimic the environment of a device. It is used to run android and iOS applications on Windows computers.

Since there are plenty of options, therefore, choosing the right one becomes a tedious task. Therefore, below are some of the best ones we recommend.

  • Windows devices – DeSmuME 0.9.11 or iDeaS
  • Linux devices – iDeaS
  • Apple Systems – OpenEmu

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To summarise, this article talked about how to download Pokemon White ROM on a Windows computer.

If you have followed the steps correctly then you must have successfully downloaded the game on your computer too.

There is also a list of features of Pokemon White that are admirable and tell you why you should try this game.

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What do you like, love the most about Pokemon White? Did you like the plot?

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