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Is It Possible To Download iMovie App on Windows?

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You must have used the amazing iMovie app on your iPhone, Mac, iPad (or maybe you don’t have an iOS device) so you are wondering if you can also download iMovie on Windows. 

But is it possible to download iMovie on Windows 7? Or 8? Or even 10? 

In this post below you will find the answer.

But first, aren’t you curious to know a bit more about the iMovie app? 

Let me introduce you to the awesome features of the iMovie app that makes it one of the best apps for iOS and macOS users. 

Features Of iMovie App For iOS Users

iMovie app is an application launched by Apple for its users. The iMovie app is present as a default application on the devices when you purchase them. 

Using this app, Apple users can create their own

videos, edit, share and do a lot more with them. 

But these are not its “only” features. Here’s a list of some of the top ones. 

Keyboard Shortcuts 

The iMovie app has a range of keyboard shortcuts that you can use to 

  • Move to the next frame.
  • Jump forward.
  • Move to the previous frame.
  • Marking the start and endpoints in a video.

These features save a lot of time in creating videos. 

Easy Mobile Device Sharing

One of the notable features that were found in the updated launch of the iMovie app is mobile sharing. Now, you can easily share your creations with your friends, family, and social profiles using your mobile phones.

The Timeline Mode

You will have to make a lot of changes in your video while it is in making and you must be well informed about them. That’s when the timeline mode comes into play.

Using the timeline feature you can easily make changes and you will notice the improved quality of your videos.

Adjustable Audio System

The latest version of the iMovie app has modified the adjustment of audio. Before you have to launch a new editing panel to make changes to the audio track but now you can easily modify the levels of the audio right from the iMovie app. 

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Free Trailers And Themes

Using this feature you can easily use the free Trailers or themes and insert them into your videos to make them more professional.

The theme section includes sports, news, retro, spy, comedy, romantic, and more. 

Easy To Use The Trim Feature

iMovie app has an easy-to-use trimmer feature that allows you to trim ( and/or cut) the unimportant part of the video. 

Using this feature you can speed up the video creation process and decide the timing of your video. 

Some other features that the iMovie app gives the Apple users only are

  • Multiple sharing options – like Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, and more.
  • Adjustable Background Noise – If you don’t want the background music to become a noise you can lower the background music.
  • Human Detection – It will determine if there is any human in the video.

So now when you know about the amazing features of the iMovie app I’m sure you also want a slice. 

So the only question that needs an answer is, is it possible to download the iMovie app on a Windows computer? 

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Can You Download an iMovie App On Windows? 

Having already said, the application is launched by Apple the iMovie app is only present in the App Store. 

There is no official version of iMovie for Windows 10, 8, 7, or even Windows Vista. 

However, there’s still a bunch of people who regularly search “iMovie download for Windows” or “iMovie editing app for Windows” and many more terms like these. 

I hate to be the one to break this to you but there are no “official” and other methods of downloading iMovie on Windows. Not even with emulators. 

So, if it is impossible to install iMovie on Windows what should you do? 

The solution is simple. Using an alternative to iMovie. (Psst, you can also buy an iPhone if you want the iMovie app only!

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3 Alternatives To iMovie App For Windows Users

If you are still considering going with the alternatives (and not buying the iPhone) then here is a list of my favorite and fabulous alternatives to the iMovie app for Windows users. 

1. Movavi Video Editor Plus 

Movavi Video Editor Plus is the perfect alternative to the iMovie app. It is because it has made the video editor process so easy even for beginners. Some of the features it has

  • Simple functionality
  • Free artistic effects to add to your video. 
  • Free transitions to make your video flow smoothly. 
  • Slides creation mode availability.
  • And more. 

Click here to visit the Movavi Video Editor site. 

2. Icecream Video Editor

Icecream video editor is a beginner-friendly video editing software that is used to create promotional videos for business purposes. 

With the Icecream video editor, you can

  • Cut, crop, rotate, zoom and resize video. 
  • Add titles and subtitles to your video. 
  • Add filters like sepia, old movies, vintage, etc. 
  • Sounds effects
  • And more. 

Read more about Icecream video editor here. 

3. VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC video editor makes it to my list because of two reasons. The first is that it is free for everyone to use and the second is that if you live in an area where the internet connection is not fast you can still use all of its features. 

Using the VSDC video editor you can easily do the following things. 

  • Basic cutting, editing, and resizing video clips. 
  • Colour correction tools. 
  • Free sounds to use. 
  • And more. 

Learn more about the VSDC video editor. 

4. Olive 

Olive is another great alternative to the iMovie app that can work on Windows, Linux, and Mac Book. 

The best thing about Olive is that it is one of the easiest video editors available for video creators. 

The developers of Olive are still working on improving the application so you can expect changes and new features added to the software. 

Click here to visit the Olive site. 


I know not being able to use the iMovie app is a bit irritating but the positive side is that there are a bunch of great alternatives that you can use in place of iMovie. 

Download one of the apps and start creating videos because in the end that is what matters the most. 

I hope you have found your video editor, if so please share this post with your friends.