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KRNL Download and Use on PC – 100% Free Install

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krnl is a “userland rootkit”, which gives the administrator of the machine complete control over every aspect of their computer. Even if someone takes physical control of the machine, it is possible to remotely get total access again.

krnl can be used in a variety of ways. It can be compiled into an exe which will install itself on the machine. This makes it extremely easy to use and also flexible.

Krnl also allows for a plugin system to be used which will allow you to write your own exploits. This makes it extremely flexible and easily extensible.

Uses of Krnl Software

1. Server Administration

Server administrators can use Krnl to completely control their computers. It is easy to install and use and can be implemented in a variety of ways. If the server administrator were to lose physical access, they would still have full remote access which makes krnl useful in nearly any scenario in which a computer could be used remotely in some way.

2. Computer Intrusions

Krnl is also perfect for computer intruders. By using the Krnl exploit, you can easily gain full access to a machine without leaving any traces behind on disk or in memory of having done so. This is because krnl does not touch disk at all and it cannot be deleted unless the administrator is in physical control of the computer.

3. Technical Demonstrations

Krnl can also be used for simple, straightforward technical demonstrations. This works best when krnl is compiled into an exe with no plugins enabled, because this will make it portable, compact and easy to use.

4. Fu*ck with Friends

Krnl, when compiled into an exe and with no plugins is capable of all the things described above. However it does lack some functionality such as multiple methods of executing code and different types of hijacking processes.

For these reasons, krnl is best used for fun and games with friends to show off what the software can do.

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Procedure to Download Krnl Software

1. Download the archive file containing krnl using the download link provided in this article

2. Download WinRAR (If you don’t already have it)

3. Open the downloaded zip file and extract the contents to your Desktop or another location of your choice

4. Right click on setup.bat and select “Run as administrator”

5. Follow the installation instructions and finish

6. You can now verify that krnl has been installed by typing “krnl” in console (not cmd). Make sure to run that command in cmd.exe, not just regular command prompt!

7. If the install was successful, you should get a console saying “krnl is installed!”.

8. To uninstall krnl, open cmd.exe and type “setup” again. You will have to restart your computer after uninstalling to remove the hooks.

Because krnl is a userland rootkit, it must be installed each boot of your computer. This can be done using something such as autorunsc to automatically run the install file at boot time.

Once you have successfully installed krnl, you should test that it was successfully installed by typing “krnl” in a command prompt. If you get the message “krnl is installed!” then it has been successfully installed and you can now begin to use krnl.