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Download FiveM – GTA V MultiPlayer and Mods

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FiveM is a multiplayer mod that enables gamers to play Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V) with various game modes like Role Playing servers, PVP (Player vs. Player), etc. connected together via the GTA:Multiplayer mode of Rockstar Games Social Club. This server can be hosted on Windows PCs running Steam on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 OS. GTA V can be played on PC with the same game file as the ones available for consoles, but it requires a cracked version of GTA V to run FiveM servers.

Features of FiveM

1. Roleplay-based servers

2. PVP (Player vs. Player) servers

3. Mini Games such as Slender Man and Hide & Seek

4. Car Chases, Racing and Helicopter Duels in the Free Roam mode

5. Custom maps for maps like ‘San Andreas:Infernus’ and others

6. Customized settings such as weapons, cars and more available

7. An Open World for all gamers to enjoy each others company via lobbies or custom created games.

How FiveM Works?

FiveM has an .exe file, which loads up the Rockstar Games Social Club. GTA V is not required to be installed for FiveM to run. Once the game starts, it loads the first initial screen of GTA V and allows you to login with your credentials OR rockstar social club details. If you do not have a RSC account to login with, you can create one.

Once logged in, a 5-minute countdown starts and the Roleplay server begins. Since this is a multiplayer mode, the first time you run it gives you a GTA:Multiplayer mode on Rockstar Games Social Club where you can check out your friends list and join their games as well.

People have been asking us a lot lately how they can download FiveM for Windows PC. There are a few different ways you can go about this, and we’ll show you two of them here. You can download FiveM using below mentioned methods.

Method 1 – FiveM for Windows PC

1. Download “FiveM Setup_5.2.1” from

2. Launch the downloaded file by double clicking on it to start the installation process

3. Type in your details like user name, password, etc., and click “Next” to proceed further

4. Now select FiveMSetup_5.2.1” in the “Destination Location” and click “Next” to start installing

5. After successful installation of FiveM, you can launch it from “Launch FiveM_win_x86.exe” from the installed folder on your PC [1]

Method 2 – FiveM for Windows PC using NMM

1. Launch the fivemsetup file that you downloaded

2. Follow the installation instructions on screen. The FiveM Setup will automatically take care of downloading necessary files and installing them

3. After successful installation of FiveM, you can launch it from “Launch FiveM_win_x86.exe” from the installed folder on your PC

Method 3: Downloading from Our Website Directly

When you download from our website, we provide a direct link to the download above. This means it’s super-fast and works great! But there is one downside: If our website is down for whatever reason (means we’re doing maintenance or something), this method won’t work.

Method 4: Second Way is Downloading via Steam

We’ve made available a Steam-package for FiveM, which makes it super easy to install and use FiveM via Steam. Here is how that looks like:

You can download our steam package right here (it’s free):

And there you go: Here are two easy and fast ways to download and install FiveM for Windows PC, so you can play on our community-servers! If there is anything we missed in this article, feel free to leave a comment below.