Download ZOOM Cloud Meetings for Windows Laptop

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So you have experienced the amazing Zoom app on your mobile phone and also want to download the Zoom app on Windows? But is it possible to do it? Can you use the Zoom app on your laptop? 

Want an answer? Keep reading. 

Zoom meetings is an android app launched by that is generally used by business professionals to conduct virtual meetups. 

During the pandemic situation, the Zoom app became immensely popular. It became a part of living so much that everyone including schools started using the Zoom app for organizing “socially distant” meetings. 

Therefore, using the Zoom app on a bigger screen turned out to be a requirement. 

Back to the question, is it possible to download the Zoom app on Windows? 

The answer is yes.

In this post below, you will learn two methods of downloading the Zoom app on your Windows computer, a list of handy features so that you use the application to its fullest potential and some alternatives in case the methods didn’t work out for you. 

But first, I want you to learn these features of the Zoom app. 

Good? Let’s begin then.

Features Of Zoom App For Windows

Zoom app was developed to let users keep in touch with their friends and family. However, as I told you above, the app became popular among professionals to cope up with the situations. 

Below are some of the other features of why professionals, as well as normal users, love this app.

  • Waiting Room – Zoom app has an incredible feature that gives you the authority to decide who should enter the meeting. Whenever a new person enters the meeting, he has to wait for your permission in the waiting room. This way you can control the numbers of members.
  • Adjust Lightings – If you are sitting in a room where the light is not great then it has settings that can allow you to adjust the brightness. With this simple option open it will automatically adjust everything. 
  • Personal Meeting Rooms – You get a personal meeting room that is for you and a few other people that you allow. 
  • Multi Share Feature – It allows you and your members to share multiple screens in the meetings to make sharing easier. 

So how do you use all these features? By downloading the app on your computer. 

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How To Download Zoom App On Windows Laptop?

Below are the two free methods to download the Zoom app on a Windows computer. 

Method 1 – Download Zoom App For Windows Using MemuPlay Emulator

For the first method, you will use the MemuPlay emulator. An emulator is a tool that is used to run android apps on a Windows computer. 

The MemuPlay emulator is free for everyone to use. If you don’t have the emulator on your computer make sure to download it. 

Note – To be able to easily set up the emulator on your computer make sure you login with your Google account details. 

Once the MemuPlay emulator is up and running here are the steps to follow to download the Zoom app on a laptop or desktop. 

Setting up MemuPlay will give you the feel of an android phone. For instance, the default apps like Playstore, settings and more will show on the main screen. 

  1. Go to the Play Store
  2. Click on the search bar and enter Zoom Meetings. 
  3. From the results on the next window choose the top results (or the one that is named Zoom) 
  4. Click on the install button and download the app on your computer. 
  5. After the download and installation are complete you can log in to the Zoom app using your credentials and start using the app on your Windows computer. 

Now you can explore all the features of the Zoom app on Windows laptop.

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Method 2 – Download Zoom App For Windows Using BlueStacks Emulator

The second method includes another free emulator called the BlueStacks emulator. 

The BlueStacks emulator works the same way as MemuPlay and both the tools are beginner-friendly. 

Again, if your computer doesn’t have the BlueStacks emulator installed, you can easily download it using this link and install it. 

After you have set up BlueStacks on your computer refer to these steps to download the Zoom app on your PC.

  1. Open the Google Play Store
  2. Go to the search bar and type Zoom Meetings. 
  3. A new window will open that contains a list of apps. 
  4. Click on the install button and wait for the app to download on your computer. 
  5. After the process is completed you can log in to the Zoom app using your credentials and start using the app on your Windows computer.

Did you notice? Both the methods were similar to each other. And the best part is you can use almost every android app on your computer using these free emulators.

Although, one thing to keep in mind is that whenever you want to use the apps emulated by them you will have to start the emulators first and then go to the desired application. 

By now you have the Zoom Cloud Meeting app installed on your computer. If you haven’t, don’t worry I have a list of the best alternatives to the Zoom app for Windows users. 

3 Alternatives To Zoom App For Windows Users

1. Cisco WebEx Meeting

Cisco WebEx Meeting is a free application for Windows users and one of the best alternatives to the Zoom app. 

Zoom app allows you 40 minutes per session with the free version however with Cisco you don’t have any time limits. 

Cisco is a great option for businesses overseas as it allows different countries to join a meet. 

2. Skype Meet Now

Skype Meet now is best for you if you want to get in touch with your friends or family and don’t want to organize a professional meeting. 

You don’t need to sign up to use Skype and it allows up to 50 members for free. 

3. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams as clear from the name is an application by Microsoft. It has an amazing free version that allows you to have unlimited people in a meeting. 

You can create a free Microsoft account to use the application. 


In this article, you learned 2 ways of downloading the Zoom app on Windows PC. 

If you were not able to download the app on your Windows then try the other options. 

I hope this post helped you find what you were looking for. If so please share it with your friends. 

If you have any questions please use the comments section below to let them reach me.

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