How To Download Wyze Camera App For Laptop?

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Are you looking for a safety solution to protect your home to prevent unnecessary thefts? Maybe you need the Wyze camera. If you want to learn more about the Wyze camera and ultimately how to install it on your laptop then keep reading this post. 

However, before installing it on your computer it is worth knowing more about it. 

But if you already know about it and just want to learn how to download and install it on your Windows laptop then you can skip the first section. 

So, what is the Wyze camera app, and what services it offers its users? 

What Is Wyze Camera App And Its Features? 

Wyze camera, as I have already told you above, is your solution to safer homes. 

It is a brilliant camera and app service that will allow you to keep an eye on your house to ensure that nothing suspicious is happening. 

It is a great option for working couples who have to leave their house empty during office hours. However, many parents who are concerned about their children install the Wyze camera to look out for them. 

It has also found use in the industrial area. 

But how does it work? 

The Wyze camera and app come together. The camera is very small in size. You get a free Wyze app. Once the high-quality camera is installed at your desired location you can start watching footage directly on your android phone. 

Interestingly, you can also download and use the Wyze app on your Windows computer if you prefer a larger screen – will tell you more about it.

It is a very popular app because of its features. Let’s have a look at why people prefer the Wyze camera over other cameras. 

Features Of Wyze App For Windows Users

There are a lot of features that the Wyze camera app offers its users. The first is that it is free for everyone to use. These are some other benefits. 

  • Easy To Use: The Wyze camera is easy to install and the app is easy to use. An absolute beginner can also use it.
  • Stylish Camera: This tiny camera comes in a cube-shaped model that works very well for modern houses. If it is installed on a white background living area then it is almost invisible.
  • Sleek Rotating Circular Base: The camera is rested upon a barely visible circular base on which it rotates smoothly.
  • Easy Installation: Because of the latest technologies, you can set up the camera anywhere you want. It does not need prior planting.
  • 8X Zoom And Live Streaming: The camera comes with 8X zoom. And it has live streaming options that allow viewing real-time recordings.
  • High-Resolution Records: The camera takes 1080 full HD quality images and the video quality is excellent.
  • Intelligent Security: This smart feature automatically records a video when it notices a motion around the area. And it captures the tiniest detail. It sends regular updates to the connected device.
  • Night Vision: The camera is stacked up with 6 LED lights that provide night vision up to 30 feet. You will be amazed at the quality it still has in the night vision.

So these were some of the best features that this brilliant camera and app has to provide you. 

However, why would anyone want to use the Wyze camera app on a Windows PC?

Why Use The Wyze Camera App On PC? 

As I have already told you above, to view the recorded clippings you have to use the Wyze app. The camera records high-quality videos with the finest detail. It also has two-way voice communication and smart sound recognition. 

To make sure that you aren’t leaving anything behind viewing on a larger screen can be very helpful. 

This way you can also keep an eye on your office computer if you are sitting on your working desk. 

So how to download the Wyze camera app on pc? 

How To Download Wyze Camera App On Windows PC?

Method 1- Using BlueStacks Emulator

To successfully download and run the Wyze app on your computer you will have to download an android emulator on your computer. 

For this process, we will be using BlueStacks. It is a free android emulator that allows you to run android applications on a Windows computer. 

We recommend using the BlueStacks emulator because it can install almost every android app and is very easy to use. 

Step 1: If you don’t have BlueStacks installed on your computer make sure to download it from the official website. 

Step 2: After the download is completed, extract the contents and run as administrator. 

Step 3: After the emulator is installed on your computer, sign up using your Google account to set up the emulator. 

Step 4: From there you can easily find basic android applications. Your next step is to go to the Google Play Store. 

Step 5: Type on the search bar “Wyze camera app” and choose the best option. 

Step 6: Click on the install button to download the Wyze app on your computer and once it is done you can start using the Wyze app on your computer. 

Method 2- Downloading Apk file

The second method is to download the APK file of the Wyze app. 

Since there is no official version for computers and laptops the only choice remaining is to download the APK file. 

After the APK file is downloaded you need to double click on it to install it. 

Note that you still need the emulator to run the application. 

So you noticed that both the above methods were easy and gave the same application as an android phone. However, you will always have to start the emulator first to use the application on your computer. 

So don’t uninstall the BlueStacks emulator from your computer if you wish to use the Wyze camera app. 


To sum up, I shared with you two simple ways of downloading and installing the Wyze camera app on your computer. 

If you have followed the steps correctly then you must have successfully downloaded the app on your computer. 

If somehow you were not able to download it then I would recommend you try a different emulator like Nox Player or MemuPlay and follow the same process. 

Or you can also use the comments section to ask your questions. 

We try to respond to every comment. 

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