Opera Mini Download for PC Windows 10/8/7

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In an age of the internet, where our days start and end with surfing the web, browsers have become an integral part. They shape our interests and define how we as individuals are. These days, the browsing history of a person will tell you more about him than anyone else.

While there have been a lot of browsers around lately, different browsers have different perks and their own way in which they are unique. There also have been talks lately about your internet security and how safe your browser is in handling your data. 

It is also important to note that a lot of browsers, although very safe to use, are definitely slower than their counterparts.

This does not help the user. What one needs is a browser that will give them fast results with profound accuracy and the user would not have to worry about their data being stolen either.

One such browser is the Opera Mini Browser. Launched in the year 2005, this browser is still in the top 10 most used browsers in the world. Opera Mini also operates in 90+ different languages.

In this article, we have mentioned two ways using which you can download the Opera Mini Browser on your PC along with the best alternatives to Opera Mini PC and its features.

Opera Mini Download for PC using BlueStacks

To download the Opera Mini browser for PC, we first need to download the BlueStacks emulator from its official website bluestacks.com. An emulator replicates the User Interface of a smartphone on a PC and hence we can download mobile applications on the pc and run the same.

After downloading, install BlueStacks in a few simple steps. 

Step 1: Once in the BlueStacks app, go to the home screen and open Google PlayStore.

Step 2: Log into it and search for the Opera Mini browser.

Step 3: Click on the install button next to it, and start using it.

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Download Opera Mini for Windows using NoxPlayer

To use Opera Mini on Windows, download the emulator NoxPlayer head on to its official website bignox.com and hit the download button. Once installed you can see a smartphone-like home screen on your pc.

Step 1: On the home screen, go to the Google Playstore and look for the Opera Mini Browser.

Step 2: Download it by clicking on the Install button.

Step 3: Once it is installed you can find it on the home screen.

Step 4: Click on its icon to start using.

Alternatives to Opera Mini for PC

1. Mozilla Firefox

This is another browser with features quite similar to the Opera Mini browser. Mozilla Firefox is known for its versatility and storage management. The Mozilla Firefox Night is the latest version, which has an ad blocker enabled by default until you turn it off. Its user interface is very smooth and looks good too. It has night mode enabled.

2. Safari

This browser is one of the most used browsers in the world. It is limited only to Apple devices and serves as the default browser for MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, etc. It is a very minimalistic browser and has all the necessary tools in it. What’s more, it also prevents trackers from profiling you.

Features of Opera Mini Browser for PC

1. Ad Blocker

This is one of the most popular features of the Opera Mini Browser. A lot of people are annoyed by ads as it might slow them down while they are busy doing important work, or sometimes it can just be downright irritating. A lot of browsers use behavioral advertising and show you ads based on your search history. As a result, they do not allow adblocking. But the Opera Mini browser gives you the freedom to block ads whenever you want.

2. Messenger

Using this feature, you can chat right in your browser. That’s right, you do not have to open any other app for the sake of messaging. You can directly chat with a friend using the messenger in your browser if your friend also has opera mini on pc.1

3. Workspaces

This feature allows you to organize your tabs in groups. A lot of time while working or surfing we want our tabs to be grouped under certain attributes for easy access. With Opera Mini browser, you can organize your tabs in groups and can have better browser management overall.

4. Free VPN

A lot of times, we need to access pages that are prohibited by the government. As the sites might be important, we resort to using VPN apps that allow us to access forbidden pages. But with the Opera Mini browser, you don’t have to seek any third-party app. It has its own inbuilt free VPN which will help enhance your privacy and security.

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Related FAQs 

Can I access a private window while surfing on Opera Mini on PC?

Short answer, yes. A private window removes/deletes all your history once you leave the page. Only a few people such as your internet service provider have an access to it. In the Opera Mini browser, you can open a private window for the searches you don’t want to keep a history of.

How do I manage tabs on Opera Mini Browser on Windows?

You have to right-click on the tab if you are using a Windows PC or laptop or Ctrl+click if you are using a Mac to see the options for your tab. With it, you can manage your tabs. You can also group them for better efficiency.

Can I add extensions on Opera Mini PC Version?

Yes, you can definitely add extensions on the opera mini PC browser for minimal effort. Extensions in the opera mini browser are easy to access and become very handy to use when needed.


In this first-paced world with booming technology, you need a fast and secure browser. The Opera Mini is one such browser. For your convenience, in this article, we have listed methods by which you can download the Opera Mini browser on your pc. We have also listed a few alternatives worth checking out. Lastly, we have answered a few frequently answered questions. Hope it helps!

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